Our team of  R&D engineers develop innovative products & solutions tailored to different market needs.

Solar Car Port Solutions

WElink has developed an innovative Solar CarPort solution for commercial installations. Our design is exclusive and represents a true innovation in solar carpark products. It is made up of a strong, self-carrying structure which can span long distances between pillars. This creates an uncluttered, attractive covering for car parks and an unobstructed parking layout. The Solar CarPort provides customers with shade from the sun and shelter from the rain and the roof integrated PV panels will reduce the cost of the running the business with energy produced by the sun.

  • Innovative and attractive design.
  • Standard canopies can be adapted to any space situation.
  • Easy parking – no pillars in between cars.
  • Very high GCR (area covered with PV) – high capacity.
  • Cost competitive, potential to qualify for solar subsidies.

Roof Top Solar

Why not harness the power of the sun to reduce your energy bills and power your home? The installation of PV panels to your rooftop offers reliable energy supply, a reduction in the cost of powering your home, no noise pollution, easy maintenance and long product lifetime.
WElink provides the total PV system solution for residential roofs. We can design the specific photovoltaic system according to your requirements in terms of installation conditions, geography and installation capacity.

We offer competitive pricing and high performance products. A one-stop product offering for your total rooftop PV system (modules, inverters, mounting systems and cabling). A one-stop service offering from pre-sales technical support and system design optimization to component purchase and logistics. All our products come with industry standard warranty and quality guarantees.