Building the Future

Through our unique modular housing solution, WElink Group is ensuring an exciting and crucial development in the ongoing challenge to meet the world’s housing shortage.

It is estimated that 400 million units are needed for affordable housing around the globe – immediately. And with populations growing rapidly, this demand is only going to increase.

We are working with clients and stakeholders to build a variety of configurations from one and two storey buildings to mid and high rise structures which can also incorporate commercial and retail space. These high-quality sustainable buildings are designed not just to deliver housing but also to create friendlier, healthier and greener communities.

UK Pilot House 1.0

At WElink’s R&D Innovation Centre in Gloucestershire, UK, we have developed our first pilot house. The house has been designed and constructed using the latest technology, assembly methods, and modern materials. The special component though is our integrated renewable energy and energy systems which are standard on all our homes across the world.

See how we did it and what it looks like below:

Timelapse of Construction

Pilot House Walkthrough

Our Housing Development Businesses

Live Verde is the UK modular housing platform of WElink Group.

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Building Low Carbon Communities

  • We build homes and amenities that create whole communities
  • Mixed-tenure solution inc: private sale, private rent, housing association, local authority
  • Apartments, student accommodation, residential living and more
  • Our target sites are where the local housing need is greatest
  • Rapid deployment on a large scale up to 10 times faster than traditional construction methods

‘Our homes are designed to the industry minimum 60 year life standard with a low maintenance advantage’

Innovation As Standard

  • Our experts have evaluated housing designs and requirements from markets around the world
  • Recognise the need and opportunity for standardised components
  • Modular construction allows for rapid innovation to meet changing housing and living requirements
  • Frames made from rigid light-gauge galvanised steel allowing fully completed factory manufactured panels to be lifted into place
  • Our standardised approach to modular design can be adapted to meet clients market requirements e.g to cater for regional variations in the UK and Europe with the flexibility to satisfy a Global market

‘Our industrialised modular construction methods allow for substantial cost reductions – meaning our homes will be affordable to build and operate in the local housing market’

Renewable and Energy Efficient Living 

  • Future proofed integrated renewables for long term low energy costs
  • Energy efficient design – up to 75% energy independent:
    • Solar PV supply for House / Apartment as standard
    • Integrated battery storage
    • Electric storage heating or air source heating  (low heating requirement using electricity generated from PV)
    • Water heated by renewable energy
  • Panels produced from modern composite materials that means the developments are both low carbon and energy efficient in their construction and in their operation
  • LED lighting
  • EV charging (bi-directional)
  • Smart control systems

‘Our homes are energy efficient in their construction and in their operation’

Steel Frame Advantage 

  • Our homes are constructed from rigid light-gauge galvanised steel
  • Up to 60% of our steel is recycled using a modern method of construction with an impressive strength to weight ratio and great design flexibility
  • Galvanised steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely
  • Lengths of steel are used to frame the house in much the same way as timber studs in timber frame houses
  • Steel is also used for floor joists, and the tracks, studs and rails for internal partition construction

‘Our homes use resilient light-gauge galvanised steel that doesn’t warp, split or crack, is light and easy to handle’