Innovation House

Innovation House is a flag-ship build showcasing our fast track, high quality, low carbon modular housing solution.

The building has a gross area of 1432m2, consisting of 4 storeys which are all accessed by a central staircase. On the ground floor there is  a conference and showroom area as well as 3 residential units showcasing the high quality design and build of our homes.

On the remaining three storeys there is modern open-plan office space which will acommodate WElink Group  and our partner companies.

An Innovation Hub

Located within the South Gloucestershire and Stroud College’s Berkeley campus, the Innovation House is at the heart of an educational, research, training and development hub for sustainable engineering and construction.

Working in partnership with SGS, WElink Group is transforming this decommissioned section of the former Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories site into one of the UK’s foremost centres for sustainable building development.

Low Carbon Approach

Our approach is to create a high-quality, innovative building which responds to and protects the local environment, with as little impact as possible.

  • Reduction of energy-use through an efficient building form and construction method
  • Use of construction materials from sustainable sources.
  • Reduction of waste during construction and providing recycling facilities within the building.
  • Protection and enhancement of biodiversity in this area adjacent to the Severn Estuary.
  • Reduction of water use in the building and reduced storm water runoff from the site using a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS).
  • Promotion of green transport strategies and solutions.
  • Use of integrated renewable energy sources to lower running costs dramatically (75% energy independent).
  • Explore the Innovation House below by clicking to find out more:
Rooftop Solar Integrated PV panels
Roof Solar water heating
HVAC Low energy consumption HVAC systems
Solar Carport Solar PV – 32.5kWp combinable with storage according to consumption patterns
EV Charger May be bi-directional to allow V2G and increase storage capacity
Urban Equipment Design of exterior space with integration of PV: bus stops, mobile chargers, illumination etc
Active technologies that will deliver and optimise the little energy consumption to reduce the bills